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See What Some Of Our Current Clients Are Saying...

Jesus M. made $30k/month cash in his 2nd month of joining PT Legends and quit his job

Kade made $10k In his first 30 days inside PT Legends and scaled to $20k/mon. after getting fired from his job

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See What Some Of Our Current Clients Are Saying...

David E. Full Time Dad Of 12 Made $16k/Mon

Kailen Sports Performance Coach Made $10k/Month & Quit His Job

Laura Made $15k/Month And Got Millions Of Views On Social Media

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Justin made $15k/month

while working a full time job

Adrian went from $500/month to $9,800/month with his online fitness business

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Elijah made $4,800 in his first 30 days with only 200 followers

Joe made $7k in his first 30 days inside PT Legends with zero experience and while working as a full-time in-person trainer

Mario made $7,500 in his first 30 days with 500 followers and ZERO online experience

Sal made $7,500 cash collected in only 90 days while working 12hrs shifts at his 9-5

Thomas made $5,600 in one month as an online stretch coach while managing his brick-and-mortar business

Kevin made $7k/month while working a full time job

Jahniece made $4,800 within 30 days of starting her business while working full time

Brian C. made $3k in collected cash in his first 30 days inside PT Legends

18 Y.O Haley quit her job and is making a full time income as an online personal trainer (last month reported $5k in one month)

Nick made $3k in collected cash in his first 30 days inside PT Legends.

Jared got his first 4 clients in his first 30 days of starting his online business

IFBB Pro Vinny Que went from zero experience online to expanding his roster in-person & online

James Made $4k/Month And Quit His Job

Kendra made $5,300 in her first 30 days while in the military and working full time at orange theory.

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